Crossroads Christian Church



Designed and built with an amusement park in mind, our team completed the Crossroads Christian Church children’s education building in 2015 with an astonishing result.

After research by the design team, multiple concepts were presented to the pastoral team at Crossroads. None of the concepts specifically met with the expectations of the pastors, initially. In the final concept session, an idea was sketched on the back of a napkin that the pastors found irresistible.

Children’s Ministries are a very large part of the Crossroads ministerial effort, so their youth facility needed to be a place for children to call their own — a theme park feel with bright colors, built to a child’s scale, where children wouldn’t be intimidated by the enormity of the space, but would feel like this was built especially for them.

The facility includes a worship center for 450 occupants, a gymnasium that doubles as a children’s worship space, an assembly space for large format worship or gathering, as well as standard size classrooms. In addition, there is a kindergarten worship space that is scaled for their age group size and energy level and a two-story forest-themed play sculpture. Each space was made to serve a specific goal within the ministry set while working into the thematic design of the facility.

Design intent for the facility was that it shouldn’t fit in with its surroundings. The adjacent main worship center is very sedate and stately in appearance. The children’s building was designed to be a significant contrast to everything in the surrounding community, to attract attention to the building and portray that children are special in this place.